Rosemary Scones with Strawberry Jam and Lemon Icing


Even if you’re not a scone fan keep reading. These scones are like the gateway drug to becoming a full blown scone eater.

I pretty much followed Giada to the T on this– we still don’t know if she is well (more thoughts on this here).  The only difference is I don’t have a heart shaped cookie cutter like she does.  I instead elected to use my parents inverted Bulls Glass that is so old school the Bull is no longer red.


So there is rosemary in the dough. Ok I’m listening.  After using your Bulls glass to cut into scone shapes you smoosh your finger in each and put some strawberry jam there… well who doesn’t love fancy jams? Now they bake and take a little bath in lemon icing. I mean…. I don’t even feel like these are scones anymore. I feel like they are a scone cookie. And with the hint of rosemary they feel like a classy grown up scone cookie. I’ll tell you what they feel like to eat- heaven. These. Are. Amazing.


I sent some (along with some chocolate pound cake and white chocolate bark) to Kelsey and she agreed on the amazing front.  Agreed a lot.

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