Fresh Honeydew Puree with Lime and Vodka

Like how I sneak vodka into the end of this post title? I do too.

Like how I sneak vodka into the end of this post title? I do too.

Well here is the obligatory Green Drink Post for St. Patrick’s Day.

The Facts:

Green is my favorite color

I went to the University of Illinois where St. Patrick’s Day is a big big deal

I do not like green beer

I do not like drinks that have nothing green in them except for food coloring

Neon green colored liquors scare me

I’m not saying I haven’t had green beer or melon bomb sugar pile drinks in my life (cough cough college) but at some juncture I decided my caloric intake should primarily consists of things from nature.

TADAAAAA- HONEYDEW.  This fruit really saves the day by making the drink green and by pairing extremely well with vodka.


Inspired from Smitten Kitchen

Makes roughly 8 drinks

1 (roughly 4 pound) honeydew melon

1.5 cups vodka

2 limes, juiced

1 tablespoons sugar

Pinch of salt

Club Soda (optional)

Cut the honeydew into one inch cubes and puree in a blender.  You are going to have to shake your blender a bit and do some jossling to get it to puree.  Add a little water if you really struggle/are being too lady like with your blender.  Line a colander with a cheese cloth (anytime someone tells me to do this I grab about 4 paper towels instead and it works out just fine) and place the colander over a bowl.  Pour the honeydew puree into the lined colander and let it drain for 45 minutes.

After 45 minutes have passed gently squeeze the cheesecloth to let out some more of the juice from the melon.  Pour the liquid from the honeydew into a pitcher.  Add the lime juice, sugar, salt and vodka and let chill for an hour.  Serve over ice and garnish with a lime wedge.  Top with the club soda (or get wild and add champagne) if desired.  Get lucky.


2 thoughts on “Fresh Honeydew Puree with Lime and Vodka

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