I’m Roxana, a Persian Midwesterner living in Chicago.  I work in the food industry, cook in my free time and read recipes obsessively.   I hope you can use one or two from this site!

Instagram: @RoxanasKitchen

Snapchat: RoxanasKitchen

Email:  RoxanasKitchen@gmail.com

Twitter: RoxanasKitchen





7 thoughts on “About

  1. alright kels, now I’m really REALLY pisses I didn’t see you while I was home. I’m expecting tuna steaks and one of those Surge trays upon my next return. I’ll just be here on the boat salivating until then while I eat some random boxed shit made to last years on the sea. LOVES … oh and hi roxana 🙂 we’ll meet eventually I’m sure!

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