Power Crunch Salad

I know most guys think once they consume quinoa they have to turn in their man card. Let alone quinoa in a salad. That is why we are calling this the POWER CRUNCH SALAD. Wooooo so masculine. It has all the worlds texture and tastes supa good- you won’t even be grumpy it’s a quinoa salad. Also, for those of you who never make shit off our blog, this salad requires no actual cooking. Just assembling. So no excuses.

Okay so there is no lettuce in this salad (it’s cool, I’ll wait here until you’ve calmed down). The base is straight up veg (aka power aka crunch on crunch on crunch).
salad pic 1
I used:

– a half a bunch of radishes sliced thin (and halved)
– a cup or two of green beans cut into one inch pieces
– a cucumber peeled, seeded, halved and sliced (they were out of english cucs- jerks)
-a yellow pepper cut into one inch bites
-4 scallions sliced (not the super green/shitty/flavorless part)
-a handful of chopped parsley
-a cup or two of cooked red quinoa that has cooled- you could use any quinoa… I believe the basic white-ish one is cheapest.. also, I cook mine in chicken stock instead of water for more flavor….To cook quinoa, put 1 cup quinoa with 1.5 cups stock (white trash option: water) and bring to boil then reduce to simmer cover and wait 15 minutes.

Once you have these partying in a bowl, squeeze two limes and a good glug of olive oil over the ingredients. I added a quarter cup or so of pumpkin seeds because I had them left over from the Granola Crusted Walnuts. Sprinkle on a generous pinch of cayenne pepper. Now add crumbled feta… I suggest as much as you feel is appropriate plus 10%.

Trust me this tastes so good. You could throw a piece of chicken or fish on top or just devour as is- yum!

salad pic 2

salad pic 3

4 thoughts on “Power Crunch Salad

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