Blood Orange Cake

I bought some blood oranges.


So here we are. Me.  Blood orange.  I almost feel bad eating them because they look so great.  Almost.  I couldn’t help but thinking this blood orange deserved a better fate than my trap. What else could blood orange be friends with? Olive oil? Buttermilk? Cake? Oh hey Blood Orange Olive Oil Cake. We used this recipe.

Like our Olive Oil Muffins this cake is sans butter.  I don’t think you’ll miss it though . I think with the blood orange zest, juice and segments you’ll be just fine.

blood orange batter

This is going to one-up any other pound cake- like cake you’ve ever made.  I may have temporarily ruined regs cake for you.  I mean look at this batter?  Why would you want to make a cake that doesn’t remind you of fifth grade art class?

batter blood orange

But you gotttttaaaa get on this… blood oranges are only in season for a hot second so man up.

whole cake


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