Grilled Oysters with Compound Butter

One of my girlfriends taught me the concept of POW and WOW. 

Here is a POW/WOW from last weekend:

POW: I received $900 in speeding tickets (true story)

WOW: It was Kelsey’s bday and we celebrated like whoa

POW/WOW from last 3 months:

POW: Monthly apartment rent = cost of 329582852 food processors

WOW: Apartment is amazing

And now a POW/WOW from my life:

POW: Some people don’t like oysters

WOW: I can convert them via compound butter

As an ambassador for awesome food, oysters are the MOST awesome and I refuse to believe an oyster hater can’t be converted.

I’ve toiled in compound butter before and this one could certainly be used for any piece of fish/meat but its best friend is truly the oyster.  Here’s how it goes down:

Mix 10 tablespoons room temperature butter* with two tablespoons parsley, two tablespoons parmesan cheese, one tablespoon lemon juice, two teaspoons garlic, one teaspoon chives, a pinch salt, and a pinch cayenne pep.  Roll up on plastic wrap like a burrito and freeze.  Place a pat on each oyster and grill for five minutes.  Devour.

*Are you a procrastinator? Is your freezer predominantly consumed by fossilized Lean Cuisines because you keep putting off grocery shopping? When I say room temperature, I mean it every time.  Step away from the microwave.  If you did not think far enough in advanced to let the butter set out then you don’t get to make the recipe.

Lastly- shucking oysters is a bitch.  Whole Foods loves you and wants to shuck them on your behalf.  Just call in advanced.



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