Homemade Ravioli

Damnit these were annoying.  It started out so well.  I used the filling and dough from this recipe (Tyler Florence you are such a babe):

Homemade Ravioli

Came together fine… I had to keep reminding myself there was raw egg in this goo and that I couldn’t just eat it by the spoonful.


ravioli filling


Then I made the dough.  K- so this wasn’t too bad… I’ve been making pasta dough since I was a little nugget so it came together somewhat decently.

Next, roll out the dough.  Yea- you need a pasta roller. I’m not Ina- I don’t have some electric pasta maker worth 6 months’ rent.  I have an old school hand crank pasta maker. 


Now you guys know I love our new apartment.  I die for it.  But not a SINGLE SURFACE in this place has the right counter width to fit my pasta roller.  AKA every time I crank, the machine goes flying off the counter/ledge/coffee table.  Had I checked this in advanced like I encourage all of you to do, I never would have made these f’ing ravioli’s.  But here we are, filling was done, pasta was done and I had already bought the ingredients for the sauce. Needless to say I skipped the gym after man handling this pasta machine for an hour.  I mean look at these sheets of dough- it’s like they had been through WAR. 

ravioli filling2


By the time I got half way through rolling out the dough I realized I had just enough to serve two people ravioli without feeling like a cheap/white trash asshole.  So I threw the rest of the dough away and moved on with my life. 



By the time the ravioli’s were good to go I was glad I had decided on the easiest sauce in Amurica so I could get this experience over with-



plated ravioli{DAMNIT that looks good}

As you can tell this experience left me a little jaded.  I’ve made ravioli before and fresh pasta 329582093853209532 times and it is worth it.  Just make sure your machine works first.

*White Trash Option: Buy pre-made ravioli.  That shit from the store sucks but Union Market has a guy with some legit ones.

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