Asparagus Tart

I almost didn’t want to share this one because it’s such a joke of a recipe. It’s literally three ingredients…. So yeah.. embarrassing.  It’s puff pastry, gruyere cheese and asparagus.  Normally I consider any pre-made dough white trash.  The ultimate exception is puff pastry.  Ever made puff pastry? Doubt it.  Shit is effing terrible to make and tastes the exact same as store bought.  Always buy puff pastry pre-made.

asparagus tart

Asparagus and Gruyere Tart

Anyways, all you do is roll out the dough… do some specific fork and knife markings, cover it with cheese/asparagus and bake.  Buy good gruyere and grate that shit yourself.  The recipe is three ingredients- you can handle grating the cheese. 


This tart is just a winner.  It’s great to serve a piece with a salad for lunch or to have on the table in lieu of bread with dinner (these went with those diva ravioli’s, so it’s a good thing this tart is supa easy).  It’s also soooo legit to bring to a party.  Reasons why:

1) Can be served at room temp or warm so you’re not that annoying friend that shows up and says “can I use your oven”… sure …. Go ahead… it’s not like I’m hosting a dinner party and don’t have 23075320532 things going on in there but let’s make room for your frozen spin dip.

2) It tricks people into thinking it’s a pseudo healthy/light option…. Because butter pastry topped with cheese and a hint of asparagus is just like eating an apple.

3) It can be transported in one piece without getting jacked up.  I once brought The Surge to a party and got in a car accident on the way there…. You can imagine how much aged cheese was flying everywhere…..

4) Tastes amazing and tricks people into thinking you are the founder of Paul Bakery.

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