Day Old Bread

So Panera is… not good.  Every time I walk in my stomach just goes, “whyyyyyyy???”.

For some reason, all working people think that this is the place where they have to eat lunch always.  I have more thoughts on the topic but we could be here all day, so moving on…

Panera does some philanthropic stuff.  It’s not going to make up for the bullshit salad they served me yesterday, but that’s not the point . The point is that the slogan I saw for this “philanthropic” deal Panera has going reads (roughly) as follows:

“Panera’s Christmas wish: May no one have to eat day old bread”.

WHAT? That line is more food pretentious than all of my blog posts combined. So no one has to experience day old bread? Do you know how many people could use some day old bread? Children in third world countries all the way to my cousin attending Arizona State would rejoice in such a gift.

You know who else is into day old bread? Me.  And Tyler Florence.  And that’s why we are making bread pudding bitches.

Brioche and Berry Bread Pudding with Lemon Fondant

bread pudding

Take your DAY OLD (oh the horror) bread and soak it in a custard with some berries.  You can bake this in a big dish and share, or, if you made it for one when you were chillin’ the most one day by yourself at the apartment, you can put it in an individual ramekin like I did.  Enjoy.

*White Trash Option: Apparently Panera will think this whole recipe is white trash so….

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