Mussels in White Wine with Saffron



What are better than mussels? They taste like heaven and put up a fight.  The slower us speed eaters are forced to eat, the better.  Plus, tearing open each little mussel somehow makes us savor them a little more than devouring a bowl of mac and cheese in max…no min, five seconds. 

Also- mussels never make you choose.  Want to make coconut mussels with lemon grass? Fine. Want to add chorizo (woof)? It’s your world.

We deferred to Buddha/Ina for this one:

Mussels in White Wine with Saffron

mussels base


This was too good.  We ate them right out of the pot we cooked it in, sitting around our kitchen island and talking about all the weird shit we’d done over the weekend (including but not limited to octopus-like dance moves followed by bowls on bowls of cheerios at 4 am- note to self: make octopus).  We served it with all the worlds bread and a simple salad with a homemade vinaigrette (things we don’t do in the Kastle: participate in self-imposed torture by purchasing salad dressing in a plastic bottle).

*White Trash Option: Don’t use the saffron.  Or close your Gilt window and buy saffron instead of another Gorjana bracelet.  Priorities.

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