Chicken Chili

Our friends Avrille and Cara were coming over for a “girls night in” and we wanted to provide some nourishment.  At first we were just going to do some apps but I had a sneaking suspicion The Brixton was in our future and some real sustenance would be required.  Chicken Chili fit the bill and surprise surprise we ventured out afterward.

Love chili but don’t feel like eating ground up hamburger? Annoyed that regs chili looks like a bunless sloppy joe? Ina knew these were concerns of yours so she came up with this chicken chili:

Chicken Chili

We did some testing of chili recipes and this one gets our OutsideTheBox approval.  Loaded with veg and spices it tastes fresh and delish.  Can I make a suggestion? Do your eye makeup after you chop the onions.  DEAR ROXANA- read this blog before you chop an onion to remind yourself of this important step.  I’ve machete’d a few onions in my day.  I’m around them all the time at work.  I swear if I am even in the same room as a chopped onion my eyes swell shut and I look stoned for about two hours.  Don’t even get me started on French Onion Soup….

chicken chili 

We topped it with all kinds of heavenly things (aged cheddar/veg/SC) but only pic’d the finished pot. Oh… I’m sorry… this soup pic does not look like it belongs on a Bon Appetit cover? Maybe it’s because we were busy demolishing third helpings and dictating to the girls our lentil catastrophe versus documenting chopped onions I can’t even open my eyes to see anymore. 


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