Apple Crisp

I’ve had to learn the hard way with dessert.  I end up leaving it ’til moments before guests arrive and…surprise, surprise… instead of making dessert I’m busy assembling a bangles collage on my arm instead. This apple crisp can be made in advance,  is supa-easy, and tastes  infinity better than people expect it to taste. Shock of the century: this is an Ina recipe.

Old Fashioned Apple Crisp

Ina says to combine the crumble portion of this treat with the paddle attachment on your stand up mixer. How about your hands? How about your fucking hands can crumble a few things to go on an apple pile. But if you’re jonesin for more dishes to wash do it her way.

Seriously this dish is awesome and I almost always have the necessary ingredients on hand to make it happen.


White Trash Option:  Skip the orange/lemon zest and/or replace the fresh juice with store bought.  You suck if you do this and Ina will murder you but sometimes you need this crisp and it’s too damn cold to journey to Whole Foods for lemon zest.


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